OpenBMC Hackathon @ OpenPower Summit

Sai Dasari sdasari at
Wed Sep 19 07:23:06 AEST 2018

>>- Can some the presentations or sessions be written up and added to the openbmc/docs repo?  It is sometimes hard to find presentations after they are done.  It is also much easier to keep details up to date when they are in a plain text format (compared to powerpoint).

Great idea! Most of the presentations we do are in powerpoint (or converted to pdf for distribution). Is there a standard practice on how to share these in openbmc/docs repo? i.e open a gerrit request for review and add? We have few presentations from last OCP summit (March’18) and another one upcoming OCP summit in Oct’18.

>>- As a thought experiment, how much of your presentations can you give by simply referring to existing OpenBMC documentation, such as is in the repos under  If you need to explain more, can that information be added to the OpenBMC docs?
Some of the presentation material is essential background/context on BMC’s use cases. Besides that the content should reflect the openbmc community work i.e. existing design/implementation,  describing workgroup, features planned for next release, features pending etc.

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