watchdog error during host power on

Yong Li at
Mon Sep 3 17:45:34 AEST 2018

Hi All,


I received the below error message during host power on, and the watchdog
service does not started:

obmc-enable-host-watchdog[1956]: Error finding
'/xyz/openbmc_project/watchdog/host0' service: No such file or directory


It seems that the below services need to be serialized. 

obmc-enable-host-watchdog at 0.service

phosphor-watchdog at poweron.service


phosphor-watchdog at poweron.service <mailto:phosphor-watchdog at poweron.service>
needs to be start firstly, then obmc-enable-host-watchdog at 0.service.


I found below items in obmc-enable-host-watchdog at 0.service
<mailto:obmc-enable-host-watchdog at 0.service> , but they cannot fix the issue

Wants=mapper-wait at -xyz-openbmc_project-watchdog-host%i.service

After=mapper-wait at -xyz-openbmc_project-watchdog-host%i.service
<mailto:After=mapper-wait at -xyz-openbmc_project-watchdog-host%25i.service> 


Any suggestions/comments?




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