Understand OpenBMC Event logging mechanism for beginner

A, Maheswari maheswari.a at atos.net
Fri Nov 30 20:18:09 AEDT 2018

Hi Deepak,

Thanks for your response.

I am referring the link you shared.


Maheswari A

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>> Hi,


>> I found some OpenBMC document to understand LED Control architecture.


>> Document is very useful for beginner.


>> But There is no document to understand workflow of OpenBMC event

>> management for beginner.



> Agree. I volunteer to write a document related to phosphor-logging.

I am interested in reviewing your doc.

I interpret Maheswari's original question as:

1. how to create a new event type,

2. how to generate an event (such as from a daemon monitoring a gpio pin, or interactively from the command line or a test program), 3. how to monitor for event and write SELs, and 4. how to read SELs from the log.

That is, generating the SEL is the desired result, but I need to understand the flow from end-to-end.

I assume there is code that already does each of these things.  Perhaps your doc could walk us through it and explain each piece?


>>>>>Maheswari :  Yes. It would be very helpful. If there is a document to explain above flow end-to-end.


>> Please clarify which recipes are needed to log events in BMC.


>> Please explain some basic understanding to log test event.


>> How do verify logged events .



> If you're just interested in IPMI SELs, you should look at those

> reviews I posted above. Were you looking at something else though as

> the external interface - such as Redfish?


>> Thanks


>> Maheswari A



> Regards,

> Deepak

- Joseph

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