Utility to Sync BMC's UUID to U-Boot environment

Nagaraju Goruganti ngorugan at in.ibm.com
Fri Nov 30 17:18:53 AEDT 2018

Hi All,

We are planning to port UUID synching related code from current python 
script: openbmc/skeleton/pyinventorymgr/sync_inventory_items.py to new 
bash script.

The current py(invoked by systemd on the way to BMC ready state) is doing 
below given actions to sync BMC's UUID to U-Boot environment.
1. Getting the UUID from inventory.
2. Getting the UUID from U-boot environment
3. If the both are differing, write the UUID form inventory to U-Boot 
4. It also it has TODO task to reboot the BMC to make sure UUID from 
U-Boot env to  sync with /etc/machine-id.

But this script is in broken state now: It is not updating UUID in U-boot 
env by reading it from inventory.

We have few things to understand here:
1. Is there a need to write UUID to U-Boot environment?
2. Can machine-id be the source for UUID? or UUID is the source for 
3. If UUID (from inventory) is the source for machine-id, from where 
should the inventory get UUID? (on openpower systems the UUID is fetched 
from BMC  VPD, if present)
4. If machine-id is the source to UUID, how machine-id is getting its 

We need an inputs from community members who are having better understand 
on these things.

Best Regards,
Nagaraju G

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