OpenBMC GUI panels ready for review

susan jasinski susantjasinski at
Thu Nov 29 10:04:43 AEDT 2018

OpenBMC GUI panels are ready for your review. Links to the mockups and
component descriptions/behaviors are in the respective issues.

LDAP Role Groups
LDAP Server Configuration
SNMP Server Management
Date and Time Settings

Please post all comments and feedback directly in the issue. I am
particularly interested in:

   - Is the workflow intuitive? If not, what was confusing and why?
   - Are the fields or components the correct ones? If not, why?
   - Are there missing fields or components for the feature? If yes, what
   is missing and why is it important?

We will discuss this first set of panels during our next GUI Design
workshop on Wednesday, December 5.

I look forward to your feedback!

-- Susan Jasinski (UX Design Lead)
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