Understand OpenBMC Event logging mechanism for beginner

A, Maheswari maheswari.a at atos.net
Wed Nov 28 22:48:33 AEDT 2018


I found some OpenBMC document to understand LED Control architecture.
Document is very useful for beginner.

But There is no document to understand workflow of OpenBMC event management for beginner.

We need to understand BMC SEL logging mechanism in OpenBMC.

  1.  BMC Need to log chassis intrusion SEL.
  2.  We need to log Event while Emergency Power OFF case .

I hope below packages are concerns to record events.

Phosphor-logging   ( getting fan ReadFailure log in REST command xyz.openproject.logging ).
obmc-event-mgmt is removed from stack.

Please clarify which recipes are needed to log events in BMC.
Please explain some basic understanding to log test event.

How do verify logged events .

Maheswari A

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