SOL,obmc-console-client can't connect to the host OS

Jeremy Kerr jk at
Mon Nov 26 19:41:06 AEDT 2018

HI Xiuzhi,

>    Thank you for your patient explanation extremely . 

No problem!

> Now, 'cat /dev/ttyS3' on AST2500 can read string from the host ttyS0.

OK, great. So ttyS3 is the device that we want obmc-console-server to be

> I also changed or removed  the "local-tty" from ttyS5 to  ttyS3, and
> then
>  systemctl restart obmc-console\@ttyVUART0, It didn't work.
> root at haiguang1:~# strace obmc-console-server --config /etc/obmc-
> console.conf ttyVUART0
> execve("/usr/sbin/obmc-console-server", ["obmc-console-server", "
> --config", "/etc/obmc-console.conf", "ttyVUART0"], 0x7edd0d5c /* 15
> vars */) = 0

You're still passing ttyVUART0 to the obmc-console-server command-line,
so it will try to use this for the connection to the host. In your
system though, you want it to be using ttyS3 for the connection to the

So, you should be running something like this instead:

   obmc-console-server --config /etc/obmc-console.conf ttyS3

And because you're not using the VUART device, you do not need to
specify the LPC address (with the `lpc-address = x`) in obmc-
console.conf. You should be able to remove that line.

We only need on our platforms this configure the VUART to be at the
correct address on the AST2500 LPC bus. Because you're not using that,
you don't need the lpc-address line.

> Why and how to  achieve this link the ttyVUART0 to ttyS3 by modifying
> the compilation configuration ?

No compiled configuration changes are needed - just tell obmc-console-
server to use ttyS3 rather than ttyVUART, by modifying the command-line



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