SOL,obmc-console-client can't connect to the host OS

Jeremy Kerr jk at
Fri Nov 23 16:13:36 AEDT 2018

Hi Xiuzhi,

> I am debugging the SOL, the obmc-console-client didn't work.
> My BMC and host OS runtime environments are:  
> 1, BMC: 
> 1) obmc-console-server is good
> # systemctl status obmc-console\@ttyVUART0
> [[0;1;32m●[[0m obmc-console at ttyVUART0.service - Phosphor Console Muxer
> listening on device /dev/ttyVUART0
>    Loaded: loaded (/lib/systemd/system/obmc-console at .service;
> indirect; vendor preset: enabled)
>    Active: [[0;1;32mactive (running)[[0m since Fri 1998-01-02 19:42:56
> UTC; 38min ago
>  Main PID: 1616 (obmc-console-se)
>    CGroup: /system.slice/system-obmc\
> x2dconsole.slice/obmc-console at ttyVUART0.service
>            └─1616 obmc-console-server --config /etc/obmc-console.conf
> ttyVUART0
> Jan 02 19:42:56 haiguang1 systemd[1]: Started Phosphor Console Muxer
> listening on device /dev/ttyVUART0.
> 2) /etc/ obmc-console.conf
> lpc-address = 0x3f8
> sirq = 4
> local-tty = ttyS0
> local-tty-baud = 115200
> 2, Host OS: redhat 7

What hardware platform is this?

> It seemed to lock and output nothing when I run "obmc-console-client"
> on BMC. And there is nothing in the log /var/log/obmc-console.log

This doesn't necessarily indicate a problem with the BMC though - are
you sure that the host is connecting something (like a getty) to its
serial device? Is there something on the host side of the serial
connection? (what are you expecting to see there?)

If the host is definitely using up that serial console, this could
either be an issue with the obmc-console infrastructure, or the UART

You can split up the debugging to eliminate parts of the stack there.

  - Stop obmc-console-server

  - from the BMC, read directly from the VUART (say,
    `cat /dev/ttyVUART0`)

  - from the host, write to the UART (`echo hello > /dev/ttyS0`, 
    changing to whatever tty is connected to the BMC, if it isn't

If that works, then you know that the UART channel is OK, and it's
either obmc-console, or that nothing on the host is using that serial



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