SOL,obmc-console-client can't connect to the host OS

xiuzhi 1450335857 at
Fri Nov 23 15:48:54 AEDT 2018

Hi All,
  I am debugging the SOL, the obmc-console-client didn't work.
My BMC and host OS runtime environments are:  
1, BMC: 
1) obmc-console-server is good
# systemctl status obmc-console\@ttyVUART0
[[0;1;32m●[[0m obmc-console at ttyVUART0.service - Phosphor Console Muxer listening on device /dev/ttyVUART0
   Loaded: loaded (/lib/systemd/system/obmc-console at .service; indirect; vendor preset: enabled)
   Active: [[0;1;32mactive (running)[[0m since Fri 1998-01-02 19:42:56 UTC; 38min ago
 Main PID: 1616 (obmc-console-se)
   CGroup: /system.slice/system-obmc\x2dconsole.slice/obmc-console at ttyVUART0.service
           └─1616 obmc-console-server --config /etc/obmc-console.conf ttyVUART0

Jan 02 19:42:56 haiguang1 systemd[1]: Started Phosphor Console Muxer listening on device /dev/ttyVUART0.

2) /etc/ obmc-console.conf
lpc-address = 0x3f8
sirq = 4
local-tty = ttyS0
local-tty-baud = 115200

2, Host OS: redhat 7
# cat /proc/tty/driver/serial 
serinfo:1.0 driver revision:
0: uart:16450 port:000003F8 irq:4 tx:0 rx:0
1: uart:unknown port:000002F8 irq:3
2: uart:unknown port:000003E8 irq:4
3: uart:unknown port:000002E8 irq:3

It seemed to lock and output nothing when I run "obmc-console-client" on BMC. And there is nothing in the log /var/log/obmc-console.log

  Who can tell me how to debug it?
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