Submit board schematics to OpenBMC docs repo

Oskar Senft osk at
Sat Nov 17 08:07:06 AEDT 2018

Hi Sai

I guess this is a question of # of small repos vs a single large repo with
a lot of "stuff" in it. I generally prefer fewer (yet larger) repos vs. the
overhead of managing multiple small repos.


On Fri, Nov 16, 2018 at 3:58 PM Sai Dasari <sdasari at> wrote:

>  Is there a good place in OpenBMC to post that? Maybe the docs repo? It's
> 4 PDF files with < 10 MiB in total. Having this information publicly posted
> by them would make development much easier.
> Great to have schematics along with the source code for better
> understanding. Quick thought to scale this for various machiens. Since
> these schematics are specific to a machine, how about sharing it in a
> machine specific repo instead of common ‘docs’ repo? Might help to provide
> more context for the machine hardware.
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