IPMI Sensor Read-only role updates.

Ratan Gupta ratagupt at linux.vnet.ibm.com
Wed Feb 28 01:19:56 AEDT 2018


Please find my comments inline


Ratan Gupta

On Tuesday 27 February 2018 04:51 PM, Jayanth Othayoth wrote:
> I am working on an issue openbmc/openbmc#2500 (Add support for Turbo
> allowed sensor). As part of this issue implementation , there is a
> requirement  to change this IPMI sensor to read only for host.
> Currently all sensors are read/write by design and doesn’t have way to
> change this behavior. Planing to change this behavior by adding
> “Mutability” field in the config.yaml.
> As part of this issue am planing to  Initialize  mutability with
> Mutability::Write|Mutability::Read for all sensors and set the
> required sensor mutability Mutability::Read.
>       - Minimal impact on testing and not breaking the existing
> functionality.
RG>>How we would be doing it? If we are planning to do introduce a check 
for a specific sensor then we should not do like this.
In the current design we have not introduced any such checks and we 
should avoid that.
Please correct me if I misunderstood it.
> Follow-on story is needed to fix this in generic way like
>   -Add “mutable” field in the config.yaml and initialize the the field
> based on System types also update
> sensorhandler.cpp->ipmi_sen_set_sensor() to do set only for write
> enabled sensor.
>     - This required system specific IPMI sensor behavior review and
> updates in corresponding config.yaml.
RG>> I agree with this approach.What do you mean by "System types" 
here,We have already system specfic YAML in the system specfic meta layers.

> Please add your view on this.

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