IPMI Sensor Read-only role updates.

Jayanth Othayoth ojayanth at gmail.com
Tue Feb 27 22:21:35 AEDT 2018

I am working on an issue openbmc/openbmc#2500 (Add support for Turbo
allowed sensor). As part of this issue implementation , there is a
requirement  to change this IPMI sensor to read only for host. Currently
all sensors are read/write by design and doesn’t have way to change this
behavior. Planing to change this behavior by adding “Mutability” field in
the config.yaml.

As part of this issue am planing to  Initialize  mutability with
Mutability::Write|Mutability::Read for all sensors and set the required
sensor mutability Mutability::Read.
      - Minimal impact on testing and not breaking the existing

Follow-on story is needed to fix this in generic way like
  -Add “mutable” field in the config.yaml and initialize the the field
based on System types also update  sensorhandler.cpp->ipmi_sen_set_sensor()
to do set only for write enabled sensor.
    - This required system specific IPMI sensor behavior review and updates
in corresponding config.yaml.

Please add your view on this.
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