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> From the first working group meeting, one discussion item was the
> meeting time. We had decided last week to host the inaugural meeting
> at 4pm CST on Feb 26.

I didn't realize we _decided_ on this time.

> We are intending to continue holding meetings
> on Monday at 4pm CST going forward.

Please don't. This time (3:30am IST) is _not_ convenient to me.

> We had representation from Microsoft, Intel, Dell, and some IBM
> folks on the call today. It seems to work reasonably well at this
> time. Is there anybody that really must be part of this working
> group who cannot make this time work and needs us to change the
> meeting time?

Yes. I recall voting for 8am/9am CST.

>This is the chance for open discussion on this topic.
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> Michael
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