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This is all really nice, but, to quote the openstack guidelines:

Don't use it!

Some of us are forced to use outlook through no fault of our own, and have no access to gmail/etc while at work to do alternative clients.

The posting guidelines are a very large barrier to entry and huge source of stress to people wanting to participate (speaking on my behalf but also on behalf of several others who have approached me about this). As a strong open source advocate, this really bothers me to say, but people need to get over themselves about this. Yes, it's much easier to follow if you have a sane email client that can bottom post, but many of us don't have that option, and the thought of setting up alternative clients for everybody wanting to participate is... unworkable.

My setup for posting to the mailing list is beyond ludicrous (Involving two separate SSH tunnels to different machines and Mutt), and I'm not willing to force that on everybody here. Also, because I don't always have access to that machine, it means I cannot respond to anything for large parts of the day.

Is there a productive solution to this insoluble problem?

Top posted on purpose.

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> On Wed, Feb 7, 2018 at 1:14 AM, Brad Bishop <bradleyb at> wrote:
>> It was pointed out to me that the Redfish thread was hard to follow 
>> along (as in, hard to read).
>> I just wanted to highlight that there are mailing list posting 
>> guidelines designed to combat this.  Here’s a good overview - pay 
>> particular attention to the sections on plain text, top posting, and quoting:
>> _style
> Thanks Brad. In addition, OpenStack has some good quality detailed 
> documentation that I would recommend:

Hilarious examples.  Blue sucks! :D But helpful.

> Cheers,
> Joel


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