PLDM design proposal

Ben Wei benwei at
Wed Dec 19 11:11:55 AEDT 2018

>> Hi All,
>> I've put down some thoughts below on an initial PLDM design on OpenBMC. 
>> Thie structure of the document is based on the OpenBMC design template. 
>> Please review and let me know your feedback. Once we've had a discussion 
>> here on the list, I can move this to Gerrit with some more details. I'd 
>> say reading the MCTP proposal from Jeremy should be a precursor to 
>> reading this.

Hi Deepak, 

Do you see any issues with running PLDM over NCSI/RBT?  
If the NCSI daemon implements the same in-process callbacks as the MCTP daemon, 
(or if it supports the same D-Bus interface which takes PLDM payload and encapsulate it as NCSI commands)

Also do you have plans on which PLDM functionalities to implement first?
I'm looking at creating a prototype user library for PLDM firmware update would love to collaborate.


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