Help: Host powered ON and after seconds Host Power OFF script is started.

Lei YU mine260309 at
Mon Dec 10 16:11:11 AEDT 2018

> What are all the process is responsible to send Host state signal as quiesce to phosphor-host-state-manager. ?.
> If phosphor-watchdog or system_manager is responsible.Please let us know clear view of understanding.
> In our platform, We are not using BOOTCOUNT sensor concept as initial phase.

You are hitting the issue because of watchdog timeout.

Behind that there are several pieces:
1. phosphor-watchdog at poweron.service is started when host is powered on;
2. During host boots, hostboot sends ipmi watchdog reset commands to BMC;
3. If the watchdog times out, the service will start
obmc-host-timeout at, and the "Wanted" services will be started,
including obmc-host-quiesce target.

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