The ipmid failed to start

P. K. Lee (李柏寬) P.K.Lee at
Mon Dec 10 15:03:13 AEDT 2018

Hi Brad,

I saw the issue, which is "recipes-phosphor: Fix systemd unit dependences of ipmid, mboxd" appending "Requires=org.openbmc.HostIpmi.service" and "Afteorg.openbmc.HostIpmi.service", you merged on Nov 29.

After that, the ipmid failed to start.

Because the file meta-phosphor/recipes-phosphor/ipmi/phosphor-ipmi-kcs/org.openbmc.HostIpmi.service already included "After=phosphor-ipmi-host.service" before, it caused two services waiting for each other.

If the "Requires=org.openbmc.HostIpmi.service" and "Afteorg.openbmc.HostIpmi.service" are removed in the meta-phosphor/recipes-phosphor/ipmi/phosphor-ipmi-host/phosphor-ipmi-host.service or the "After=phosphor-ipmi-host.service" is removed in the meta-phosphor/recipes-phosphor/ipmi/phosphor-ipmi-kcs/org.openbmc.HostIpmi.service, the ipmid will start normally.

I wonder if there is a better way to go about it.

By the way, after I pushed the code to the Gerrit, "Jenkins Patch Set 1: User not approved, see admin, no CI" it showed. How can I solve this problem?

P. K. Lee

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