Why OEM command can't run by "ipmitool -I lanplus"

xiuzhi 1450335857 at qq.com
Fri Dec 7 18:49:02 AEDT 2018

Hi all,   I am testing the OEM commands. It worked very well on local bmc  env.  but failed on remote machine by lanplus mode.
  for example , I test openpower OEM command: 0x3a 0x11 on bmc os.
On bmc:
root at haiguang1:/lib/systemd/system# ipmid
Registering NetFn:[0x2E], Cmd:[0xFF]
Registering OEM:[0X002B79], Cmd:[0X32] for Sys Commands
Registering NetFn:[0xA], Cmd:[0x12]
Registering NetFn:[0x3A], Cmd:[0xF0]
Registering NetFn:[0x32], Cmd:[0x10]
Registering OEM:[0X002B79], Cmd:[0X02] for I2C
Registering OEM:[0X00C2CF], Cmd:[0X02] for I2C

root at haiguang1:~#  ipmitool raw 0x3a 0x11

root at haiguang1:~# ipmitool raw 6 4
 56 00

On remote machine: 
xiuzhi at xiuzhi-ThinkPad-T450:~$ipmitool -I lanplus -H  -P 0penBmc raw 0x3a 0x11
Unable to send RAW command (channel=0x0 netfn=0x3a lun=0x0 cmd=0x11 rsp=0xc1): Invalid command
xiuzhi at xiuzhi-ThinkPad-T450:~$ ipmitool -I lanplus -H  -P 0penBmc raw 6 4
 56 00

Who can help me?
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