Linux dev-4.19

Joel Stanley joel at
Tue Dec 4 09:04:52 AEDT 2018

On Tue, 4 Dec 2018 at 07:25, Amithash Prasad <amithash at> wrote:
> >> I have couple of NCSI patch which were up streamed last week in linux-next kernel. Will those be part of this 4.19 kernel in openbmc or what is procedure to pull those patches in openbmc build. As these are required for Meta-facebook build with networking working.
> Joel,
> Thanks for cherry-picking a few of the NCSI changes into dev-4.19! Along with these, can we get a couple more cherry-picked into dev-4.19?
> One patch from linux-next:
> One merged patch to bring in the Tiogapass device tree:

Nice work. This is a great way to request the patches get merged. I'm
happy because they're already on their way upstream, and the URLs with
SHAs make it easy for me to cherry pick.




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