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Thu Apr 5 06:36:20 AEST 2018

On Wed, Apr 4, 2018 at 12:15 PM Brad Bishop <bradleyb at>

> If you are in the to: list you have code-review +2 authority
> on one or more OpenBMC project repositories (i.e. you are a
> project maintainer).
> If you don’t think you are a maintainer, or don’t know what
> projects you maintain, please reply and we will get that fixed
> up.
> As you probably all know by now, the OpenBMC project has moved
> to The Linux Foundation and under the new project charter
> contributors must execute one of the OpenBMC CLAs.
> I’ve put together a guide:
> (please review it and provide feedback like anything else)
> to help you ensure you are complying to the conditions
> outlined in the charter, until such a time that we can have
> a more automated verification process.

In the meantime while we're waiting for the automated process, I suggested
to Brad that we might be able to add a sorted/searchable plaintext list of
CLA signers somewhere like openbmc-tools repo; I figure that even manually
updating it based on cache miss (contributor isn't on the list) or Brad
pinging when the CLA repo gets updated may still beat putting the onus on
maintainers to look through all the disparate CLAs every time someone posts
a changelist.  I'd be happy to put up the first take of this if there's no
dissent.  (Brad suggested that we should make sure _not_ to include email
addresses, in order to avoid spam; that's fine with me since most
contributors use their full name along with their commits.)

> -brad
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