OpenBMC 11/6 community telecon - Minutes

Brad Bishop bradleyb at
Tue Nov 7 15:30:20 AEDT 2017

There was a high level overview presented on how servers use OpenBMC today.  Discussion moved to the current and anticipated use cases of OpenBMC on different types of platforms.

Brainstorm session on how to eliminate duplication of work:
  - As an experiment, will try open sprint planning on <>
  - Collaborate on the mailing list and on IRC early!

Discussed OpenBMC release support model.
   - Currently strive to use stable releases from component projects (Yocto, Linux) - have not always succeeded in practice.
   - Work to do beyond this to establish a model.
   - Backport security fixes directly upstream to Yocto, not OpenBMC, whenever possible.

There was a question if anyone has ever run a security scan against OpenBMC.  Yes - an example can be found here: <> <> in January.  Attend to learn about OpenBMC and OSS in general.

Please let me know if anything is inaccurate or I’ve missed something.

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