OpenBMC Thermal Design

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Wed May 3 07:21:02 AEST 2017

On 05/02/17 2:33 PM, Patrick Venture wrote:
> Please elaborate on the format or layout of the control configuration 
> file.
This will be a yaml file containing the zone and fan definitions with 
the associated set of parameters that feed into the control algorithm. 
Currently this contains the zone number, the zone initial speed, and the 
list of fans(including their inventory path, sensor name, etc...).
> Please elaborate on the mechanism planned to import it into code?  
> Y'all often use python programs to make c++, will that be the case here?
Correct, that will be the case here as well.
> Please elaborate on how the control program will execute it's 
> "pluggable" algorithm?
Filling out the associated yaml file for the control application defines 
how the algorithm will control the fan speeds based on the values, 
sensors listed, delays, etc.. that will be supported as parameter inputs 
to the algorithm.
> Please elaborate on how the fans will be controlled?  Will that be as 
> a group per system or independently per zone?
This will be configurable by the yaml file where the fan speeds are set 
on the zone, which a zone is a group of fans. These zones can be 
constructed as 1-to-many fans enabling individual fans being controlled 
or a group of fans being controlled similarly.
>   -- What is a zone?
A grouping of fans
> Patrick
> On Tue, May 2, 2017 at 11:07 AM, Matthew Barth 
> <msbarth at <mailto:msbarth at>> wrote:
>     Patrick,
>     As Patrick mentioned a few of us have been working on the fan
>     control infrastructure currently and wrote up a quick outline to
>     share our thoughts on the design layout. Let us know if there are
>     areas you'd like to see more detail.
>     Matt

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