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Thu Jun 8 05:18:07 AEST 2017

What is in the docs repo is all.  There isn't a platform guide.  I'll help
you write one if you would like.  I think the community would appreciate

Chris Austen
POWER Systems Enablement Manager

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Where is the new platform guide?

In trying to get the quanta board running with everything; I've often run
into stumbling blocks when trying to define what packages are required and
what need to be replaced with custom versions -- for things like sensors.

Often I've been more or less reduced to checking the journal logs to see if
something is saying why it's not running ( was crashing which
meant ipmid wouldn't start as an example).  It took some source searching
to figure out that x really depended on some object existing.  Often those
were in the service file, but not every time.  And especially as OpenBMC is
a moving target, this has been somewhat discouraging.  Especially when the
"supported" platforms all stem from the skeleton which still has its
fingers in many places.

That said, there are a lot of dependencies between packages, and things
that you receive that maybe you don't want or need or aren't configured
properly.  For example, I don't know why or what the led-manager is doing
but it's on my system running.  I don't believe I configured it.

If there is a guide, then I didn't see it and I apologize.

If there isn't a guide -- I can start one; however, I won't really have to
do it properly until some time in July.  My approach would be, create a new
platform that mimics Zaius but under a different name and see what it takes
to output a similar image and what is really required -- although difficult
for me to test.  So maybe a new Quanta image from scratch and see what's
running, and why and what things need to be configured.


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