[PATCH u-boot] configs/ast: Add redundnant env

Joel Stanley joel at jms.id.au
Wed Jul 19 19:12:33 AEST 2017

On Wed, Jul 19, 2017 at 3:36 AM, Eddie James <eajames at linux.vnet.ibm.com> wrote:
> On 07/14/2017 12:36 PM, Eddie James wrote:
>> From: "Edward A. James" <eajames at us.ibm.com>
>> Configure ast chips to run redundant u-boot environments.
> This will need some userspace changes to work properly. The BMC will still
> boot if this is merged by itself, but there might be trouble updating
> environment variables without a serial connection (of particular concern
> would be the MAC address...). fw_setenv may update the flash without the
> correct "valid" byte that exists for redundant environments, and so u-boot
> will probably consider the updated flash invalid and switch to the other
> copy every time you reboot.

Thanks. I will hold off until the userspace change is ready to go.



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