Does anyone tftpboot the userspace image?

Xo Wang xow at
Sat Jan 21 12:59:48 AEDT 2017

Hi folks,

I noticed from this discussion
that kernel developers were tftpbooting the userspace image from a
obmc-phosphor-image-<machine>.cpio.lzma.u-boot file.

1. How does/did that work? I guess you needed a custom init in the
initrd to load the u-boot container (?) instead of from mtd?

2. Are you still using this? Building the extra .cpio.lzma.u-boot is
kind of slow, with an extra ~45 seconds to do 'find | cpio | lzma;
mkimage' every build, and it can't be parallelized.

I ask because I mailed a change to remove those image products from
the build, then followed the 'blame' to this use case:


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