Slack-like / IRC-alternative for #openbmc

Patrick Williams patrick at
Tue Jan 17 14:26:25 AEDT 2017

I recently came across an open-source (and free) Slack / IRC alternative
called '' (  The underlying protocol
( implements bridging between the native matrix protocol and
IRC, so we get free mirroring between the two.

I set up a channel in matrix (openbmc, obviously) and set up the bridge to
the Freenode IRC channel.  If you see users with a '[m]' suffix, this is
their matrix/riot account.

Advantages of

    * You can see the log of the chat room to read back on what happened
      while you were disconnected.

    * Much better web-client than the Freenode one; it looks very similar
      to Slack.  The client is also "easier" than an IRC client for
      the more casual users.  (Not everyone likes a command-line IRC
      client with a IRC bouncer like ZNC, I hear.)

    * Mobile clients for Android and iOS, with notifications.

    * Allows pictures and documents.  These are also sent to IRC as a link.

Feel free to try it out in addition to or instead of IRC.

Patrick Williams
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