Mailbox daemon

Cyril Bur cyrilbur at
Fri Jan 6 11:47:50 AEDT 2017


I recently sent patches to linux to be able to use the mailbox drivers
on the BMC so we can avoid having the host LPC bus mapped directly to
the pnor.

Obviously there needs to be a userspace component. I've been using a
fairly simple daemon for testing:
ridge. It will absolutely do for development. I'm hopeful to grow this
into something that isn't quite so static. Being able to tell it that
the flash is actually a file and not /dev/mtd would be great and at the
moment its quite dumb and is much slower than it could be.

Is it possible to get an openbmc repo for it? I'm happy to look after
it like I do for btbridge, hopefully we could do code review for it
through email.



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