Need to update U-Boot for initrds built after c7248eb11c

Rick Altherr raltherr at
Thu Jan 5 05:52:56 AEDT 2017

Update to a openbmc/u-boot built after 146ee0425f.

I recently changed how an initial ramdisk is relocated on Aspeed parts to
be more in-line with how upstream U-Boot and Yocto operates.  This required
changing both U-Boot (b0f357d2ca and 146ee0425f) and the Yocto recipes
(c7248eb11c).  Now that those changes are submitted, a newly built U-Boot
is _required_ for initrd's built after Yocto c7248eb11c.  The new U-Boot
will also load earlier initrds perfectly fine.

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