system_232 upgrade to 234?

Yong Li at
Wed Dec 13 13:34:17 AEDT 2017

Hi All,

 I am working on the replacement for
ctl/, using And would like to add the
uuid property into chassis-stats-manager.

I found this uuid property is using the same content in /etc/machine-id(from
the above Based on This ID
uniquely identifies the host. It should be considered "confidential", and
must not be exposed in untrusted environments, in particular on the network.
And there is a new API(sd_id128_get_machine_app_specific(3)) to generate an
application specific ID.

It seems to me that we need to use the new systemd API to change the current
uuid generation logic. I can cherry-pick several systemd patch files to
backport the new API from 234 to 232. Or can we just upgrade the current
systemd_232 to 234(from yocto 2.4)? Any doc/plan about the upgrade?

Thanks for your comments/suggestions!

Yong Li

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