[PATCH 0/8] pinctrl: aspeed: Fixes for core and g5, implement remaining pins

Andrew Jeffery andrew at aj.id.au
Wed Sep 28 00:50:12 AEST 2016

Hi all,

The initial Aspeed pinctrl patches implemented a subset of pins for each of the
g4 and g5 SoCs. This series provides a number of fixes to the initial patches,
mostly for issues identified in the g5 driver. The fixes account for the first
half of the series (up to and including "pinctrl: aspeed-g5: Fix pin
association of SPI1 function") and should be applied for 4.9.

The second half, from "pinctrl: aspeed: Enable capture of off-SCU pinmux
state", implements some additional functionality in the core engine for the
Aspeed SoCs and follows up with patches implementing mux configuration tables
for all remaining pins. Given the significant additions in the last few
patches, their lateness in the cycle and the light testing they have received
they are best left for 4.10, but I'm keen to get them out for review.



Andrew Jeffery (8):
  pinctrl: aspeed: "Not enabled" is a significant mux state
  pinctrl: aspeed-g5: Fix names of GPID2 pins
  pinctrl: aspeed-g5: Fix GPIOE1 typo
  pinctrl: aspeed-g5: Fix pin association of SPI1 function
  pinctrl: aspeed: Enable capture of off-SCU pinmux state
  pinctrl: aspeed-g4: Capture SuperIO pinmux dependency
  pinctrl: aspeed-g4: Add mux configuration for all pins
  pinctrl: aspeed-g5: Add mux configuration for all pins

 Documentation/devicetree/bindings/pinctrl/pinctrl-aspeed.txt |   36 +-
 drivers/pinctrl/aspeed/pinctrl-aspeed-g4.c                   | 1098 ++++-
 drivers/pinctrl/aspeed/pinctrl-aspeed-g5.c                   | 1574 ++++++-
 drivers/pinctrl/aspeed/pinctrl-aspeed.c                      |   65 +-
 drivers/pinctrl/aspeed/pinctrl-aspeed.h                      |   19 +-
 5 files changed, 2737 insertions(+), 55 deletions(-)

base-commit: 8d0a0ac0abcdba5b5d52726055c95f1f6234e85e
git-series 0.8.10

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