Skeleton power control machine configuration

Xo Wang xow at
Fri Sep 23 10:58:30 AEST 2016

Hi folks,

I was adding power sequencing and buttons for our P9 machine and I
noticed that Firestone, Garrison, and Witherspoon had patches to
op-pwrctl that replaced the net names on the power pins, added more
reset complexes, etc.

I didn't want to do the same for our machine. I propose moving machine
specific options to the Python configuration so we can eliminate the
skeleton patches.

I mailed my prototype to the Gerrit that adds a dbus call to
system_manager, C bindings, and power control logic to handle the
abstraction. Please take a look.

I'm planning to also extend the GPIO/net name abstraction to reset and
power buttons, since they're also using net names directly in their


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