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On Tue, Sep 20, 2016 at 06:38:35AM +0000, Arjun Padmanabhan wrote:
> Hi,
> I am working on requirement  to deploy our redfish server on openbmc environment.


> Initial plan was to work on rapsberryPi3 board.  Since rapsberryPi does not have full support as of now(Git issue #587), I am planning to build openbmc image for aspeed board and deploy the image on it.

As you see, we have an on-going, but somewhat "spare-time" activity, of
getting Raspberry Pi up to the same level as our AST2400 / AST2500 dev
boards.  I'm not sure if we even have any RP hardware to test this out
on, so any assistance you can provide there will probably make this
effort go faster.

It was mentioned elsewhere, but the alternative for you is to use the
qemuarm and/or qemux86-64 images for development purposes.  Since
Redfish has a large "software" component to it, you should be able to do
the majority of your development with qemux86-64 (using KVM to run
at-speed).  This is where I do a large portion of my development work myself.

> I could not find purchase link to buy aspeed boards. Please let me know the procedure to purchase.

You would need to contact Aspeed directly for this.  If you are planning
on building a product around one of their chips, they have a development
board you can order from them.

> Also if anyone can share some information on which board version/model I need to buy for development, it will be helpful.

We have been using the AST2500 development board lately.  I think we have two
of them.  This has been useful for kernel development but we have not
utilized it for userspace application development.  That we have done
either on QEMU or on some existing AST2400-based systems.

Patrick Williams
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