Supporting one IPMI request does not yield one response

Brendan Higgins brendanhiggins at
Wed Sep 21 10:38:32 AEST 2016

I did have a plan for a particular message type that would use the 0-N
response; I was planning on implementing the message as an OEM Group
extension, so I figured it would be acceptable to just follow the normal
procedure if an unknown OEM Group message is encountered. The other use
cases are bridging messages and the messages you mentioned, inventory and
oem-esel, could be handled in the same way.

As far as updating btbridged and any necessary firmware on the host side, I
figured that would have been assumed, sorry if that was not clear; again, I
just wanted to make sure that people were generally okay with this new
functionality on the OpenBMC side.

I will try to get an initial implementation out for review this week on the
ipmid side this week or next.
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