OpenBMC v1.99.0 tag.

Patrick Williams patrick at
Fri Sep 2 13:10:26 AEST 2016

I created the first tag towards a 2.0 release, called 1.99.0.  This tag
is intended to be a (very early) development pre-release to show some of
the progress being made towards 2.0.  I will continue to make these tags
on a periodic basis when I think there is significant function as well
as some stability.  

This specific tag has been tested on the Barreleye and Palmetto systems
and should still function.  Rebooting the BMC while the Host is powered
on is known to not work on some machines due to openbmc/openbmc#513.

The main significant functionality in this release is:
    - Kernel upgrade to 4.7.x stream.
    - Yocto upgrade to 2.1.

There are two main reasons for the 1.99.0 tag:
    - Current /etc/os-release files have a git revision of the form 
      1.0-N, which is confusing relative to the 1.0.x stable release
    - There is a significant patch-set in Gerrit that I will be merging
      soon, which migrates all BMC state management to a systemd basis
      instead of custom Python script states.

Again, do not use any 1.99.x tag for production purposes.  Please, do feel
free to test with it and report problems.

Patrick Williams
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