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Thu Apr 21 06:51:43 AEST 2016

Mfg will be storing the MAC address and UUID of the Barreleye system in 
the FRU VPD so that we can persist it better. Couple questions:

1. The UUID is planned to be stored in the motherboard VPD. Anybody has 
the info on which eeprom is the motherboard VPD? Seems the only chips 
under /sys/bus/i2c/devices/ with vpd are the ones from the i/o, expander, 
and hdd cards (0-0050, 6-0055, 6-0051).

2. The MAC is planned to be stored at the end of the i/o board VPD. All of 
the FRU VPD follow the format of 
header->chassis_info->board_info->product_info. The header contains the 
offset to the *_info areas. Without an offset to the MAC (which would be 
stored after the product_info area), we could just read passed the 
product_area and if it's not 0s, assume it's the MAC. Would it be better 
to ask Mfg to add the offset to the MAC to header although this breaks the 
IPMI formatting, or get the MAC into one of the custom fields inside the 
product info area. Thoughts?

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