[NEMO-devel] improving the demand model

Ben Elliston bje at air.net.au
Sun Oct 22 09:28:48 AEDT 2017

Hi all

At present, NEMO has a simple concept of demand: read historical
demand data from a CSV file and, optionally, adjust the load curve at
start-up using a number of simple operations: scaling, peak shaving,
peak shifting, etc. There are several problems with this, not least of
which is that NEMO's view of demand is static.

I would really like it if demand could be moved around as the model
runs. For example, simple deferral of 200 MW would involve removing
200 MW from the current timestep and adding it to the demand a few
hours later.  I also want to see historical traces of demand as being
just one of several possible sources of demand.  Additional sources of
modelled demand could include EV charging, demand response, etc.  In
this respect, loads are going to become analogous to the simulated
generator classes.

Rather than just make this change, I thought I'd put these ideas out
there and see if anyone had any input to add that could help make my
first attempt better. :-)

Cheers, Ben

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