[NEMO-devel] more readable output

Ben Elliston bje at air.net.au
Sun Oct 15 12:01:57 AEDT 2017

Hi all

I've just made a change to the way that energy and power values are
printed in NEMO output (mainly evolve.py, but also in the plots).
NEMO uses MW and MWh for everything internally, but previously scaled
these to GW and TWh in the output due to its common use in modelling
large systems.  This didn't work well for much smaller systems with
kW-scale generators.

I've made a change so that all figures are now shown to the user at an
appropriate scale: < 1 MW is shown in kW, 1000+ MW in GW, etc.
Likewise for watt hours.  This makes the output much friendlier for

Here's a contrived example from an evolve.py run I prepared earlier:

   CCGT (NSW1:31), 0 kW
     supplied 0 kWh, ran 0 hours, 0.0 Mt CO2
   poly 24 hydro (NSW1:24), 42.5 MW
     supplied 372.3 GWh, CF 100.0%, ran 8,760 hours
   poly 36 hydro (NSW1:36), 2.4308 GW
     supplied 21.294 TWh, CF 100.0%, ran 8,760 hours
   poly 38 hydro (VIC1:38), 450 MW
     supplied 3.942 TWh, CF 100.0%, ran 8,760 hours
   poly 43 hydro (TAS1:43), 462.5 MW
     supplied 4.0515 TWh, CF 100.0%, ran 8,760 hours
   OCGT (NSW1:31), 3.726 GW
     supplied 32.64 TWh, CF 100.0%, capcost $2,798,221,755, opcost $5,139,275,927, LCOE $163, ran 8,760 hours, 22.8 Mt CO2

You get the idea. :-)

The catch is that any automatic or manual processing of results now
needs to pay attention to the units.

Cheers, Ben
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