[NEMO-devel] Modelling generation cost for 100% renewable energy scenario with different reliability constraints

Ben Elliston bje at air.net.au
Fri Oct 13 12:20:19 AEDT 2017

Hi Arionmaro,

Looking at the options list:

> {'verbose': False, 'trace_file': None, 'fossil_limit': None,
  'supply_scenario': 're100', 'carbon_price': 0, 'reserves': 0,
  'discount_rate': 0.05, 'coal_price': 2.28, 'gas_price': 10.38,
  'hydro_limit': 120000.0, 'reliability_std': 0.006,
  'emissions_limit': None, 'ccs_storage_costs': 27.0, 'costs':
  'DEN2050MID', 'bioenergy_limit': 600.0, 'demand_modifier': [],
  're_limit': None, 'lolp_std': None, 'nsp_limit': 0.75, 'seed': None,
  'list_scenarios': False, 'transmission': False, 'lambda_': None,
  'generations': 100, 'sigma': 2.0, 'min_regional_generation': None}

I see some new options you've added: re_limit, lolp_std. You've
obviously modified the code. Can you please try to reproduce the
problem with the (unmodified) master version?  I can't really help
with modified versions, of course. :-)

Regards, Ben
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