long-term support for G5s?

Hollis Blanchard hollis at penguinppc.org
Tue Mar 14 08:16:34 EST 2006

On Monday 13 March 2006 11:49, Christopher Friesen wrote:
> With Apple switching away from the 970, what are the long-term plans for 
> linux on the G5?

Are you asking about the Apple G5 in particular? Or the PowerPC 970?

> Are there enough users/developers that we can expect linux to continue 
> to run on it for the reasonable future?

I don't think anybody will rip out G5 support. After all, we still have PReP 
support in the kernel, and those systems are all about 10 years old now.

> We've got a bunch of ppc/ppc64-based products in the field, and the 
> question has come up about what we're going to use as development machines.

A quick survey of current and announced PPC970-based platforms:
Apple G5s (PowerMac, Xserve, etc)
Maple reference board
IBM JS20 blades
IBM p185 workstation
Mercury XR9
IBM JS21 blades (expected to GA in March)
Genesi Open Server Workstation (I haven't seen a GA date)

There may be others, but these are the ones I know off the top of my head. Not 
all of them may fit your needs as a "development machine"... so what *are* 
your needs for a development machine?


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