Please pull ppc64-2.6.git

Paul Mackerras paulus at
Sat Sep 10 10:07:50 EST 2005

Linus Torvalds writes:

> Btw, I can't even begin to describe how much I hate the "include3" 
> directory crap that was introduced recently.
> Not only is it incredibly ugly, it totally breaks filename completion, 
> since doing a "grep inc<tab>li<tab>" no longer completes properly to 
> "include/linux/" like it should, and like God intended it to. Instead, it 
> beeps at you, and generates a crappy "includeli" completion.

Well, we already had an include2 directory that gets created if you
compile with a separate object tree, so Stephen was just following
that precedent.

In any case, it's only temporary scaffolding until we get far enough
along with the merge that we can set ARCH to "powerpc" instead of
"ppc" or "ppc64".  I wanted a way to be able to proceed with the merge
bit by bit rather than having a flag day, and this seemed the best
approach.  We can easily change the name to something like
"altinclude" (but then your a<tab> for arch breaks), or how about

> If we can't get things to use <asm-ppc/xyzzy.h>, then can we at least move
> that frigging ugly directory somewhere else? Instead of using "include3"  
> (what a totally horrible name - that should already have told somebody
> that it wasn't a good idea), why not use arch/$(ARCH)/include" instead?

I guess that would work too... Stephen?


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