List message size limit

Olof Johansson olof at
Wed Oct 27 11:02:13 EST 2004

On Wed, Oct 27, 2004 at 10:10:44AM +1000, Jeremy Kerr wrote:

> Just a side-note here: patches that are provided by a URL (ie, those too large 
> to be attached) will not be picked up by the patch tracking system at 
> present. However, I could extend it to check URLs that appear in a message, 
> possibly with some special syntax to let the parser know that it should 
> follow the link (to reduce unnecessary downloads).
> Any suggestions?

I say let's just up the size high enough for it to not be a concern
(1MB?). The amount of spam coming across is very low (none as far as
I've been able to tell), and if turns out to be a problem it can be
lowered again.


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