Why do we map PCI IO space so late ?

Benjamin Herrenschmidt benh at kernel.crashing.org
Fri Oct 1 17:21:04 EST 2004

On Fri, 2004-10-01 at 01:45, John Rose wrote:
> Hi Ben-
> Good questions :)  First let me clear something up, and forgive me if
> I'm telling you stuff you already know.  The ioremap()'s that we do at
> boot are _exclusively_ done for PHBs.  This creates mappings that span
> the ranges for their children buses.  Why do we do this when drivers can
> themselves use ioremap()?  Because some drivers still use inb()/outb(),
> etc, without remapping their own space.  

Yah, that at least is obvious :)

> The short answer to your questions is that I/O DLPAR required these PHB
> ioremap()'s to be moved to a later chronological point during boot, so
> that imalloc records would be kept.

Okay, that makes more sense to me now.

> Here's the long answer.  To dynamically remove a bus (EADS or PHB), we
> need to iounmap() the range associated with it.  The iounmap() function
> is prototyped in generic code to take one argument, the virtual address
> in question.  In order to know the size of the region to unmap, we need
> to keep some records of what was ioremap()'ed originally.  The imalloc
> subsystem exists to keep these records.


> The ppc64 ioremap() implementation has the limitation that if one calls
> it before mem_init_done, no imalloc records are left behind.  If we
> remap the PHBs early in boot, we have no way to unmap them (or their
> children) at DLPAR remove time.  Does this make sense?  


> As a side note, we didn't similarly defer the remap for ISA, b/c we
> assumed that we'd never want to unmap this range.  I wrote the function
> that remaps for ISA, and it's a hack, you're right :)  Suggestions are
> welcome.  I would ask why your ISA node doesn't have a ranges property,
> b/c I thought it was mandatory from some spec.  

The OF tree of this board is still a work in progress. It has to be
mapped early anyway for other reasons, like the console serial driver
which will be initialized before we do the real mapping.

> You asked about ioremap_explicit(). This is used in two ways.  First
> during boot, to remap the necessary regions for PHBs after
> mem_init_done.  We've saved off the "physical" range info from the ofdt
> early in boot, and now we explicitly remap starting at virtual addr
> PHBS_IO_BASE.  Second, we use it to remap the range of a newly
> DLPAR-added bus.  You can imagine that in the case of adding an EADS
> slot, we need the mappings to exist at exact virtual addresses relative
> to its parent PHB, etc.  Hence the creation of ioremap_explicit().
> Suggestions on improvements are welcome.  Hope this helps, it's before
> lunch and I'm being wordy. :)

Thanks, it's enough for now, I need to think of alternative (read: simpler)
ways to deal with that in the future, but for now, it's fine.


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