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Nathan Fontenot nfont at
Wed Mar 17 11:40:53 EST 2004

Hope I don't spoil anyones dinner with another dose of eeh :)

I have attached a patch that generates the hotplug event in the
kernel. At least it's supposed to do that.  This eliminates the
need for any kind of an eeh daemon and any /proc usage (two good

The code works by calling disable_slot() in the rpaphp driver
code (rpaphp_core.c) to have a pci device removed.  Looking through
the kernel it appears that this is the routine that drives hotplug
remove requests that come in through sysfs.

The issue I kept running into with this code is that it would
either DSI in schedule() or the partition would quit responding
when an eeh event is injected.  Unfortunately, I have not been able to
reproduce the DSI in schedule to give you any debugging info.

Any comments I could get on the code would be greatly appreciated.
Namely, is this the correct way to generate a hotplug event, or
is there another interface I should use.  And, is this safe? This
causes the removal of a slot in the middle of a read on the slot.


Nathan F.

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