[2.6] EEH detection patch

Olof Johansson olof at austin.ibm.com
Fri Jan 16 10:31:29 EST 2004

The attached patch is an EEH detection fix that was applied to 2.4
months ago. It'll apply to the current 2.6 ames tree with a 1-line offset.

Appearantly there's some issues with the current EEH detection code
(i.e. the pci device walking code is deadlock prone). Since this fix
will actually increase the risk for false EEH positives and as such
increase the deadlock windows, it might not be suitable to be applied at
the moment. I just wanted to make sure it's known that the current
detection code is faulty, so the fix can go in when it's safe to use
and/or the eeh_check_failure() code is fixed.


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