PCI Interrupts with CONFIG_PPC_ISERIES in linux 2.6.3

Anton Blanchard anton at samba.org
Thu Feb 26 10:10:55 EST 2004

Hi Mike,

> It appears that I am not getting interrupts on my iseries machine.  I
> compiled as module the ibmsis, ipr, olympic and icom drivers as modules.
> The ibmsis, ipr and olympic drivers hung when modprobe was attempted.  The
> icom driver did modprobe successfully, no interrupts are needed for icom to
> install, though when I attempt to transmit data, which does require
> interrupts, no interrupts were received and transmit operations hung.  I
> loaded this same driver on a simular pseries install and the icom driver
> did receive interrupts so this appears to be an iseries issue.
> Any known problems in this area?  I've seen this behavior before on the 2.4
> kernel last fall.

Yep I noticed it on our iseries box here, there is a problem with
ameslab at the moment.

Linus' tree (pauls large IRQ patch got merged yesterday) should work. We'll
be looking into the ameslab issue today.


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