PCI Interrupts with CONFIG_PPC_ISERIES in linux 2.6.3

Michael Anderson mjanders at us.ibm.com
Thu Feb 26 10:05:27 EST 2004

It appears that I am not getting interrupts on my iseries machine.  I
compiled as module the ibmsis, ipr, olympic and icom drivers as modules.
The ibmsis, ipr and olympic drivers hung when modprobe was attempted.  The
icom driver did modprobe successfully, no interrupts are needed for icom to
install, though when I attempt to transmit data, which does require
interrupts, no interrupts were received and transmit operations hung.  I
loaded this same driver on a simular pseries install and the icom driver
did receive interrupts so this appears to be an iseries issue.

Any known problems in this area?  I've seen this behavior before on the 2.4
kernel last fall.

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