Anton Blanchard anton at
Tue Feb 17 18:19:25 EST 2004

> have you tested it? console=tty1 doesnt work, console output still goes
> straight to ttyS0. cmd_line is probably not yet set, my cmdline contains
> alot of stuff, but only the first word was printed with
>         printk("%s(%u) cmd_line is %s\n",__FUNCTION__,__LINE__,cmd_line);
> in set_preferred_console(). So strstr(cmd_line, "console=") does not
> trigger. Does it just not work for me?

Yeah we are parsing cmd_line after its been tokenised. Ive converted it
to use saved_command_line (and found what looks like another case in eeh
init). Its in ameslab and I'll send it upstream after 2.6.3 is released.


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