radeon drm/dri

Jerome Glisse j.glisse at free.fr
Sat Dec 25 06:05:04 EST 2004

Sorry for cross posting but i am not confident on the origin of my bug.

Right now i am playing with agp support for G5 and i got nothing else than
X.org & DRI for testing. I success in getting X starting & claiming that
he has no problem and i see the cursor and the normal background of X
but then the X server start to grow is processor use until max. The box
is still alive as i can ssh in.

So my question is there any issue with Xorg/DRI/DRM on mac i see Benjamin
sending patch not so long but i have not checked if they were in my Xorg
version (cvs checkout from yesterday for Xorg & drm). If DRI/DRM is not
broken then i guess this is because i doing something wrong with my agp 

Is there is way to test agp other than using DRI/DRM so i can work without
killing my X every 5min :) ?

By the way there have been some change between old uninorth and new one.

Jerome Glisse

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