[PATCH] updates to surveillance for power5

Mike Strosaker strosake at austin.ibm.com
Fri Aug 27 10:09:59 EST 2004

Hi, Anton:

> Any ideas why they got rid of surveillance on POWER5?

Because of the virtualization layer and partitioning, the surveillance
requirement was moved to PHYP<->SP.  Apparently, this was a hotly
contested issue among the platform design folks (especially considering
that partitioned power4 systems still have OS<->SP surveillance).  I
think the logic is: If an OS goes down, its not likely a server problem,
hence no requirement to monitor from the server side.

At least the platform gets notified of panics via os-term.  I gather
that some user space tools are expected to monitor for deadlocks/hangs
(maybe clustering tools).


Michael Strosaker
IBM Linux Technology Center

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