latest toolchain in binary format?

mjstumpf mjstumpf at
Tue Sep 23 08:00:27 EST 2003

> Your error implies that a single object/compile unit is so large it
> can't be compiled...
> try:
>  objdump -h *.o | grep '\.toc'
> and add up all the numbers (in hex) from the 3rd column.

Ah I have done this before.  We are way way way over the limit.  Although
the patches to binutils/gcc head do appear to fix this issue.

> You may have to break this application into a number of shared libraries
> (each *.so has its own 64KB TOC). So it would be good to know how close
> or far you are from fitting. Also some applications try to prelink all
> objects into a single large object and try to build the application from
> that. This will not work in your case. And don't even think about
> linking -static!

We're not prelinking, that I can tell anyway.  Everything is built via
"-c" in gcc to stop after compile, then we're gccing the whole thing
together at the end.  Going to shared libraries really seems kludgy at
best..  This is a C app ported over from old 390 code.  We've successfully
built this app on Linux/390 with gcc.  It is 98% C code with just a little
inline assembly.

> Also I have to ask all the obvious questions like: Is this gcc or xlc?
> This xlf or g77?

This is gcc executing on powerpc-linux, it is the /opt/cross (dev64, I
believe was its name) as packaged by SuSE in either SLES 8 or one of its

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